022.ニューヨークの駐車事情(Alternate Side Parking & Congestion Pricing)


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Today’s topic is something that might really puzzle our listeners in Japan. We’re going to talk about street parking, alternate side parking rules, and congestion pricing. Especially congestion pricing is a hot-button topic right now in NYC. Ask any New Yorker who drives about street parking and alternate-side parking, and you’re guaranteed to get a passionate response.

021.ニューヨークのセント・パトリックス・デー ( St. Patrick’s Day in NYC )


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Today’s topic is St. Patrick’s Day in New York City.
We’ll be talking about the origins of the parade and share some insights on the one day in the year when everyone is Irish, and everything is green.

020.昔ながらのピザと新しいタイプのピザ ( Where to get real New York pizza )


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Today’s episode is the final part of a 3-part series about pizza. Today we’ll cover where to get your pizza fix around the city. I included a mix of originators and innovators in today’s episode — to demonstrate how a simple, traditional food has deeper and complex meaning in our lives.

019.ニューヨーカー流ピザの食べ方 ( How to eat pizza like a local New Yorker )

今日のエピソードは、ピザシリーズ全3回のうちの、第2回ニューヨーカー流ピザの食べ方です。Grease Management など日本とは違うピザの食べ方をご紹介します。

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Todayʼs episode is part two of a 3-part series about one of New Yorkʼs most famous foods ever —– pizza. This episode we will serve up a slice of pizza history, then talk about how to eat pizza like a local New Yorker.

018.ニューヨーカーのようにピザを頼む ( How to order pizza like a native New Yorker. )

今回はピザに関する英語とニューヨーカーらしく注文する方法を教えてもらいます。文化の違いもわかり、聞いているうちに、New York state of mindの世界に入り込んでしまいますよ。

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Today’s episode is all about “How to order pizza like a native New Yorker.”
How you talk about pizza is just about as important as eating it. I thought you might appreciate a little guidance on what words to use when talking about pizza.

017.アマゾンHQ2 バレンタインデーの決別( Amazon’s HQ2 Valentine’s Day Breakup )

今回のエピソードは、「アマゾンHQ2 バレンタインデーの決別」です。

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Welcome to episode number 17: “Amazon’s HQ2 Valentine’s Day Breakup.” In a stunning reversal, on Valentine’s Day, of all days, Amazon called off their proposal to build HQ2 in Long Island City, Queens. People are still reeling from the announcement. Here’s what people here are saying.

016.ニューヨークのストリートアート・入門編( NYC STREET ART: A Primer )

今回は1)ストリートアートの定義づけ 2)グラフィティ対ストリートアート 3)ストリートアートの市場価値 4)ストリートアートの漠然とした価値についてお話しします。

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In today’s episode we’ll be talking about Street Art.  1) Coming to a definition of street art  2) Graffiti vs. Street Art  3) The market valuation of street art 4) The intangible value of street art.

015 アマゾン次の一手( Amazon’s Next Move )


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Today’s topic is Amazon.com’s next move. I feel like our city is on the verge of a big change with this deal.

014 ニューヨークのブラウンストーン( NYC Architecture Brownstone Buildings )


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Today we are going to dive into the question of: “What is a brownstone?” And, why brownstones conjure up feelings of both nostalgia and envy. All that and more on today’s episode of The New York Breeze.

013. ブルックリンではスペシャルティコーヒーが熱い(Specialty Coffee Thrives in Brooklyn)


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Most of us New Yorkers live off coffee. According to national statistics, we New Yorkers drink about 7 times more coffee than the rest of America. As long as it’s strong, we’re happy. But what if you want your coffee black and to be able to taste layers of natural flavor and sweetness without adding any sugar or other sweeteners? Or how about being able to taste some typical characteristics of the place where it was grown, or be able to recognize the varietal of the coffee tree the beans came from?