313 Metaverses メタバース Part 1

While we have yet to find solutions for the existential woes of the real world, many are already dreaming of life elsewhere. While Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos prepare to colonize Mars, the likes of Mark Zuckerberg have already moved on to an entirely different universe… sorta.

深掘り語句は existential です。

have yet to ~, amount to little more than ~, augmented reality, existential woes, existential anxiety, still in one’s infancy, hype, Big Tech などネイティブ表現満載です。

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312 The Great Resignation Part 2 私は私のままで生きることにした

退職した人がどのように生計を立てているか。ーー親と同居、GoFundMeで資金調達、物々交換( bartering ) 、ロックダウン時の貯金を取り崩す。  大量自主退職 の要因 4. Women  5. Better Salaries and benefits

学習語句は upheaval –—- a violent or sudden change or disruption to something takeaway, key takeaway                           *One of the key takeaways from the pandemic is America has a failing health care system and the government isn’t willing to offer free care despite the obvious benefits.                                *One of the key takeaways from the pandemic is the global supply chain disruptions won’t be easily fixed.                     *The takeaway from the conference was how competitive the tourism industry has become.                              *The teacher gives us a printout of the key takeaways at the end of the class. *Our English professor likes to end each class by picking a student at random to summarize the key takeaways from the lecture for that day.

Bounce to the vocab    takeaway       key takeaway       disrupt     disruption upheaval     recruit         recruit women to diversify their ranks      criteria     assess evaluate       a sense of clarity            a sense of purpose         great resignation    dropping out of the workforce        Pandemic epiphanies        epiphanies    greener pastures     fulfillment           turnover  deem          consider dehumanize           dehumanizing        exploit            exploitation          sacrifice       feel unappreciated and underpaid        compensate       compensation       benefit

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311 The Great Resignation パンデミック エピファニー

大量自主退職がNY、そしてアメリカ全土に広まっています。多くの人が人生、幸福について考えるようになったのです。  学習語句は epiphany,  pandemic epiphanies,  greener pastures  など。

Bounce to the vocab  —— great resignation,dropping out of the workforce,
have a huge impact on, Pandemic epiphanies,  epiphanies, greener pastures,     fulfillment, regarding, as for, as to,  concerning,  turnover, deem,  consider,  dehumanize, dehumanizing, exploit, exploitation, sacrifice, feel unappreciated and underpaid, compensate,  compensation,  benefit

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310 ユニバーサル ベーシックインカム Part2

アメリカのユニバーサル ベーシックインカム (UBI) 事情

学習語句は  a fraught relationship 危険をはらんだ関係

分断、二極化に関する語 polarizing, polarized, polarization など。

☆Many Americans see this as an extension of the US Welfare system. The United States has a fraught relationship with Welfare payments.

☆The issue of universal basic income is still very political and polarizing in the United States.

新聞からの英語—–a) How to function in an increasingly polarized society
b) Political leaders’ views on COVID-19 risk are highly infectious in a polarized nation – we see the same with climate change

c) There is an increasing polarization between rich and poor.

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