315 Cuomoのセクハラ疑惑とWitch Hunt ( 魔女狩り )

1)  Cuomo州知事が辞任に至った経緯をまとめました。

I think it’s a kind of  a me too witch hunt.という声も。

司法長官 New York State Attorney General (Letitia James)
新州知事 Kathy Hochul

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave a farewell address on August 23, 2021.
scrutinize  綿密に検査する  stampede  v.  殺到する, 衝動的に行動する   n. 衝動的な大衆行動, パニック状態  firecracker 爆竹

“New York is to the nation what the white church spire is to the village – the visible symbol of aspiration and faith, the white plume saying the way is up”

― E.B. White

2) Enrich your vocabulary で取り上げる語は allyship です。

v,同盟を結ぶ n. 味方、仲間、LGBTQ⁺に寄り添い、支援する人々  allyship とは?

cf. align with と協調する

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復習表現           1)  deploy   Nvidia’s version of the metaverse is already being deployed.

2) プレゼンテーションに活用                                                                        Nvidia’s Omniverse is worth a closer look.                              Let’s talk broadly for a minute.
Let’s break it down a bit more.

3) (This idea of metaverses is still in its infancy.)               シャドーイング練習文ーーーVirtual reality technology has come a long way though there’s still a lot of work to be done.

4) market traction 市場牽引力とniche audience   Facebook  has since struggled to get market traction beyond a niche audience.

5)ナイキがメタバース参入 の表現         Nike is making a digital transformation.

[Headline:] “Nike looks to expand its footprint in the fast-growing metaverse.”
[Normal conversation]
Nike is growing its presence in the metaverse really fast.            Nike is making big moves in the metaverse.
Have you seen what Nike is doing in the metaverse?                                         Hey I just bought some new Nikes…in the metaverse.
And then that would spark a conversation.
People would be like, what? You’re doing that!?

6) gain prominence              The shared virtual world gained prominence after Facebook’s rebranding.

7)Facebook has made the metaverse a central focus.
Nvidia is turning its focus to the metaverse.

bounce to the vocab      niche market    niche audience    carbon footprint       ecological footprint       expand one’s footprint        get market traction       gain market  traction          gain traction             gain prominence          spark a conversation

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314 ホライズンワールド(Horizon Worlds) の脚のないアバターとエヌビディアのオムニバース

*Nvidia のOmniverse Enterpriseを使用しているナイキ、ロブロックス、BMWについて  *メタのホライズン ワールド ーーーこれまではベータ版だったが、アメリカにいる18歳以上すべての人が使えるようになった。オキュラスのVRヘッドセットを付けると脚のないアバターが。

今回もネイティブ表現満載です。 GPUs, Adding to the confusion, A.K.A. ,NFT, new moniker,  get market traction, digital transformation, expand its footprint  など。

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