316 Bodegas vs. Dark Stores ボデガ vs. ダークストア 鬼速デリバリーは持続可能か


ボデガについて詳しくは過去のエピソード 030,210,211 ボデガ猫  をお聞きください。

1. Dark Stores descend on New York…  ultrafast delivery
2. Superfast Delivery  craving 切望、渇望
3. How it works   a feat 離れ業   fulfillment centers 配送センター  the mini warehouses full of food   食料品でいっぱいの小さな倉庫    tout しつこく勧誘する gig workers    with benefits福利厚生つきで

音声にはない補足情報 大量自主退職後、待遇改善をうたい文句に企業は 倉庫、配送センターで働いていた人にもアピールしている。ねらいはベンチャーキャピタルに対するアピールである。Companies that want to attract venture capital will do anything to make themselves look attractive and like they are taking care of their employees. The gig economy has been a failure. COVID put a spotlight on that. So now the new “Ubers” are trying to make themselves look like they are creating quality jobs.

4. The bodega business doesn’t attract venture capital.

5. It makes sense, kinda sorta. 理にかなっている、多分ね、知らんけど。 kinda sorta = Not quite … / No. / Not really.

then again とはいうものの、でもよく考えてみると
6. Problem? What problem? Is there a problem?    has yet to spread まだ広まっていない   

ブシュウィック、ワイコフ・アヴェニュー(Wyckoff Avenue in Bushwick)のボデガ店員Leonardo Torresの言葉    technology is the way forward  テクノロジーは今後発展すること(an action or plan that seems a good idea because it is likely to lead to success)である。         embrace technology テクノロジーを喜んで取り入れる

ポールオースター原作の名作映画 SMOKE ⇒ スモーク : 作品情報 – 映画.com (eiga.com)

音声にはない補足情報     ここ1か月の間にブルックリンのボデガ店主の間にもダ―クストアへの危機感は高まっていると感じる I think since the time that I sent the story, awareness has grown. So probably now everyone is aware and concerned about how dark stores are replacing their brick and mortar businesses.

“In The Heights” ボデガ経営者が主人公の新しいミュージカルhttps://tv.apple.com/us/movie/in-the-heights/umc.cmc.1zme0ypyl9tz3qggwwi3e5aoi

There’s a new musical TV series called “In The Heights” streaming on a few different services (Apple TV, HBO Max, etc.) and the main character runs a bodega. In the story, they talk about how that and all the local businesses are being replaced by gentrification in the Brooklyn and Manhattan neighborhoods that have been predominantly Dominican and Puerto Rican since the1980s.

Bounce to the vocab 

ultrafast delivery superfast delivery     Dark Stores descend on New York…
ghost kitchens           kinda sorta      then again      craving
a feat made possible by their model      fulfillment centers
the mini warehouses full of food        gig workers    with benefits
has yet to spread    technology is the way forward      embrace technology

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